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The FMA Informative has a Newspaper with information for the Filipino martial arts community, short stories, introductions of practitioners or styles, theories and/or technical aspects, short write ups on a past event etc, pertinent to the Filipino martial arts and the culture of the Philippine. The FMA Informative also has an Online Magazine which each issue is dedicated to a subject such as certain aspects of a style, historical, theoretical and technical aspects, reflections, and other related subjects, also the culture of the Philippines etc... Both can be subscribed to for Free.

The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMA Informative newspaper or online magazine are those of the authors of the articles or practitioners being interviewed and are not necessarily the views of the FMA Informative.

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The FMAdigest was published from 2004 through 2010

FMAdigest Quarterly Issues 1 - 7 Amazon

The FMAdigest was published quarterly. Each issue features practitioners of martial arts and other internal arts of the Philippines. Other features include historical, theoretical and technical articles; reflections, Filipino martial arts, healing arts and other related subjects.

Now offered on Amazon the FMAdigest Quarterly issues in Volumes 1 through 7 that is from 2004 through 2010.

Printed in 8.5 x 11, Full color
Just a note: Amazon would not sell all 7 Volumes as a set only individually. Also made the prices as low as possible, so I will actually not make more than a dollar or two if that. It is not the money it is the sharing of information.

FMAdigest Volume 1: Quarterly Issues 1-4 - 50 pages
FMAdigest Volume 2: Quarterly Issues 1-4 - 80 pages
FMAdigest Volume 3: Quarterly Issues 1-4 - 221 pages
FMAdigest Volume 4: Quarterly Issues 1-5 - 475 pages
FMAdigest Volume 5: Quarterly Issues 1-4 - 446 pages
FMAdigest Volume 6: Quarterly Issues 1-4 - 283 pages
FMAdigest Volume 7: Quarterly Issues 1-5 - 239 pages

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The information on is a compilation of many sources.
The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMA Informative newsletter or online magazine are those of the authors and are not necessarily the views of the FMA Informative.
If there is any misinformation or information that is not given the proper credit, please contact us.